Chiara Montanari

montanariI like to define myself with one tag only: LIFE EXPLORER., since everyone is one!!
I am also an engineer and I have 15 years expertise in polar mission. So far I lead 5 scientific expeditions to Antarctica. As expedition leader I represented Italy, France and Belgium in the international missions to the most extreme stations of our Planet. Since several years I focused my activities and research on the impact of extreme changes on us (as individuals, our team work and our ecosystems).

Besides Polar Missions I had been working in UK in Broadcast Industry, & ICT, as well as Energy Efficiency and Education sectors, and I had had been conducting research both in Organisational Theories at Politecnico di Milano and at the International Research Centre on Epistemology and Anthropology of Complexity (Bergamo).

I currently live in Milano where I help (a coach and consultant) individuals and enterprises to develop the projects related to the so called “Antarctica mindset” together with the philosopher of Science Gianluca Bocchi. On the basis of our reciprocal expertise, we developed an approach to prosper in change as well as to be at ease under pressure and uncertainties (namely, a way to develop resilience and a more effective strategic attitude).

In 2014, I was awarded by the city of Milan with “Ambrogino d’oro” (civic medal) for her engagement in boosting Technological Transfer, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
In 2015 I published the book “CRONACHE DAI GHIACCI, 90 GIORNI IN ANTARCTICA” (soon available in English version too): “I think that the extreme ecosystem of Antarctica is a metaphor for the current business world. It’s characterised by continuous changes, high complexity and tremendous uncertainty. Under this pressure you can’t afford neither to worry nor to be wrong, you must quickly learn how to be effective.”
I am proud to be a TEDx speaker and to collaborate with several no-profit association for empowering young people in innovation and their early careers.

For further details please write me directly at the contact page.


My Blog from Princess Elisabeth Station, Antarctica

(and Antarctica again…)

Emergency shopping? – Done.
Emergency kit? -Taken
Luggage? – Closed
Metal Health?  – Checked!
Vehicle, Pilot and Staff? – Ready to start….


Saluti (e ricordi) di ghiaccio

I più bei ricordi di viaggio di Chiara Montanari, esploratrice italiana a capo della missione belga a 200 km dalla Costa della Principessa Ragnihild. In diretta per Dove

L’estate sta finendo

Ultimo atto per la missione al polo Sud dell'esploratrice italiano a capo della missione belga. In diretta per Dove

Quando cambia la luce

Febbraio: fervono i preparativi per lasciare la base nella forma invernale

Tempeste e GPS

Alla base belga del Polo sud, capitanata dalla ricercatrice italiana amica di Dove, proseguono le ricerche. Ecco come si lavora in Antartide

Nuovi arrivi

Ecco chi studia l'Ice-Shelf, piattaforma oceanica ghiacciata che nasconde, forse, il futuro del pianeta

Continua l’operazione rifornimenti

Un'intera giornata passata a scaricare i rifornimenti dalla nave. Unica compagnia, i pinguini. Rientrati alla base, ecco arrivato il secondo gruppo di ricercatori

Operazione rifornimenti

Una notte in tenda al Polo Sud. In Antartide anche fare rifornimento è un'avventura

Natale al Polo Sud

Il Natale in Antartide è una cosa semplice. Siamo a 13mila kilometri da casa, confinati in spazi ristretti e un po’ troppo affollati: così da sconosciuti finiamo con il sentirci una famiglia.